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A Meal in a Glass: Smoothie Making Workshop

Jul 8,2013

Do you love smoothies? Do you want to learn how to make smoothies that are both healthy and delicious? Than this workshop is for you! Come out for a casual evening of hands-on fun where I will teach you how to make 3 new smoothie recipes that you (and your body) will love. In this workshop, you will learn how smoothies can boost energy levels, increase nutrient intake, help you lose weight and much more. I will also teach you about important ingredients that are essential for good health and various superfoods that can help with common symptoms from migraines to PMS. Participants will get to taste-test all smoothies and will get a copy of recipes to take home, plus nutrition information on all ingredients used.

For more information on this or other workshops, contact Debora at:

(416) 347-4112 or email debora@myhealthychoices.ca