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Healthy Heart + Valentine’s Day Recipes

Feb 12,2018

Ahh love is in the air, can you feel it!? ;) February is Heart Month, and I've been working on some delicious and heart healthy recipes for you (**scroll down to grab your copy!). What better way to show your love for someone than by preparing them a beautiful meal that is good for their heart! All 11 recipes featured in my Healthy Heart + Valentine's Day eBook, include heart healthy foods that offer protective benefits to this important organ. In my book, I share information about Heart Month and my top tips that I've used with clients to help reverse their hypertension and high cholesterol. I've also listed…

One Week Sugar-Free Challenge

Jan 19,2017

With each new year, comes new year resolutions. For most of us, these resolutions involve some kind of health and wellness goals. Even as a holistic nutritionist I'm always looking to improve something about my diet. However, as life gets in the way most of these resolutions are often forgotten about by February. So, I thought it would be fun to create a challenge that would benefit everyone! My One Week Sugar-Free Challenge is designed to help keep you motivated to reach your health and wellness goals for 2018! My program is focused on eliminating the one thing that has a huge impact on our health and the thing we can…

Sparkling Fruit Kombucha

Dec 21,2016

I don't do champagne and I'm often reminded that "cheersing" with water is bad luck. Sooo, I decided to make my own little nonalcoholic champagne alternative. It's the perfect beverage to ring in the new year, as it'll start you off on the right (healthy) foot. Kombucha is a fermented beverage that is full of enzymes. It is excellent for digestion and gut health. It also helps to strengthen the immune system, increase energy levels, aid detoxification, and can help with weight loss. Everyone can drink it, making it a great alcohol-free and healthy bubbly that all your guests can enjoy!     Recipe: Sparkling Fruit Kombucha…

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