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Healthy Heart + Valentine’s Day Recipes

Feb 12,2018

Ahh love is in the air, can you feel it!? ūüėČ February is Heart Month, and I’ve been working on some¬†delicious and heart healthy recipes for you (**scroll down to grab your copy!). What better way to show¬†your love for someone than by preparing¬†them a¬†beautiful meal that is good for their heart!

All¬†11¬†recipes featured in my Healthy Heart + Valentine’s Day eBook, include¬†heart healthy foods that offer protective benefits to this important organ. In my book, I share information about Heart Month and my top tips that I’ve used with clients to help reverse their hypertension and high¬†cholesterol.¬†I’ve also listed the foods used in all of¬†my recipes and tell you why¬†they’re good for your heart! Oh, and I hope you enjoy my recipe names…I went a little “food pun” crazy! ūüėČ

Pick up your copy below! 

Have a happy, healthy and love-filled February! xo

***This is no longer available at this time.***