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Grocery Store “Tour” & Pantry Detox


Do nutrition labels have you scratching your head? Do you get dazed and confused as you stand in the health food section of your grocery store? Deciphering labels and learning what foods to buy and avoid can be quite challenging for most. Debora Palmieri will take you on a shopping trip through your local grocery store and teach you how to shop for nutritious foods that both you and your family can enjoy. You will learn how to read and understand nutrition labels and how to incorporate healthy foods into your meals and snacks. Prior to your shopping trip, Debora will come to your home and help you “detox” your kitchen of unhealthy food items, so that you can re-stock it with only natural, whole foods. Take-home materials include information on food additives and preservatives to avoid, a “Healthy Shopping” grocery list, and healthy menu and snack ideas, including healthy alternatives for your not-so-good-for-you favourites!

For more information and to book your Grocery Store “Tour” and Pantry Detox,
contact Debora Palmieri at (416) 347-4112 or via email at debora@myhealthychoices.ca

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